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4 White Teens Stumble Into Mob of ‘Hundreds of Black Males’ ‘Settling an Argument’ – Get Viciously Beaten, 2 Dead



  • 4 white teens go on double date
  • go to McDonalds late night to finish off the double date
  • big mob of blacks described as several hundred in size tell them “you are in the wrong neck of the woods cowboys”
  • police estimates crowd around 400 in number
  • some black men inside the McDonalds begin to fight and pull a gun as the 4 white teens left
  • crowd then attack them, attacking the 2 men first
  • at least 20 beat and stomp them
  • their face was reported as looking unnatural and just wrong and mushy after the attack
  • one of the males and the 2 females get help from bystanders and go in their car and speed off to the hospital
  • pass red light and get hit by car
  • the white male and his girlfriend die
  • medical examiner determines the male died from the beating and not the car accident

I want to see 400 whites tell 4 black teens they are in the wrong part of town darkies and then jump and attack the black teens killing 1 directly and 1  because she tried to flee, and see how hard the media goes after the story.

It was pretty hard to get links talking about this. And the few there are, they dont really mention race or when they do, they say the mob of people was both white and black instead of majority black as reported.

Anyway the family sued and apparently won 27 million dollars.

Here is a story Bloomberg did on the lawsuit McDonalds lost

Another link talking about the attack

Courthouse News talking about the suit from the attack

Maybe someone can point me to the CNN Huffington Post article or something someone wrote but I cant seem to find because all I can find are these and some other right leaning websites people will accuse of making shit up and ignore them.

(via militarymom)